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Receiving international guest

Researchers and PhD students

Visiting researchers and staff

Welcome Services at the university offer information, advice and support to visiting researchers, international staff and their host departments.

Services include accommodation, pick-up at the airport or train station, language courses, social events etc.

Incoming staff to the University of Gothenburg can receive useful information and invitations to events and activities by filling in a registration/guest form. Contact SAIO at saio@sahlgrenska.gu.se

Practical information

If you receive international guests, please use these brochures to get practical information to prepare the stay.

New PhD studentPost docVisiting PhD

Visting staff

International students

Receiving an international student

Sahlgrenska Academy International Office (SAIO) works with exchange students coming to our academy from partner universities which we have agreements with. Students coming through these partnerships and agreements have been selected by our partner universities in competition with other students and are most often very qualified students with the right prerequisite and competence. By receiving students through bilateral agreements, opportunties are also created for Sahlgrenska academy students to study abroad and students can be sent in both directions. Agreement students are also offered accommodation and social services support from University of Gothenburg.

SAIO place international students in research groups continously. If you are interested to recive an international student in your research group, do not hesitate to contact us at saio@sahlgrenska.gu.se with possible research topic/research group.

Our partner universities can be found here.

Non-agreement students (traineeship/placement students)

Many international students contact researchers directly to do a traineeship in research groups, labs etc.

In those cases individual students are accepted to participate in a research group, it is recommended to contact SAIO and inform an international student has been selected. In these cases, SAIO can assist with some practical matters but more responsibility is put on the department and non-agreements students (unilateral students) do not get the same support with housing and social services as agreement students.

Memo, Incoming traineeship student EUImportant information for traineeship students

Page Manager: Rebecca Törnqvist|Last update: 10/1/2019

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